U.S. Centric World on a Gingery Projection
Animated World Zoom
BBP Formula
Line Simplification
Bounding Circle Tree
Poisson-Disc Sampling
Lloyd’s Relaxation
Power Diagram
Voronoi Treemap
Rapidly-Exploring Random Tree
Ford Circles
Major League Baseball Voronoi
World Capitals Voronoi
United States of Voronoi
World Airports Voronoi
Spherical Voronoi Diagram
Rotate the World
Foucaut’s Stereographic Equivalent
Gilbert’s Two-World Perspective
Interrupted Transverse Mercator
Interrupted Goode Raster
Mollweide Watercolour
A Satellite’s View of Raster Tiles
Reprojected Raster Tiles
Rivers of the U.S.A.
Automatic Projection Tiles
Chamberlin Trimetric Projection
Airocean World
Geographic Bounding Boxes
Vertical Bullet Charts
Distances from North Korea
Double Cordiform
Sphere Spirals
Countries by Area
The Polyconic Projection
Azimuth and Distance from London
D3 Dependencies
Peirce Quincuncial
Word Tree
Bartholomew’s Regional Projection
Spilhaus Maps
Waterman Butterfly Map
Map Projection Transitions
Marimekko, Mekko or Mosaic Chart
Quadratic Koch Island Simplification
Random Points on a Sphere
Duplicate Detection
Factorisation Diagrams
Set Partitions
El Patrón de los Números Primos
Plasma Fractal
Random Arboretum
Crayola Chronology
Parallel Sets
Word Cloud
Combinatorial Necklaces and Bracelets
Biham-Middleton-Levine Traffic Model
9-Patch Quilt Generator
The Music of Graphs
Mobile Lawsuits
Sunflower Phyllotaxis
Girko's Circular Law
Calkin-Wilf Tree
Bloom Filters
Carotid-Kundalini Fractal Explorer
Coffee Flavour Wheel
The 17x17 Challenge
Animated Quasicrystals
All Numbers Lead to One
Hamming Quilt
Hilbert Stocks
Hilbert Curve
Voynich Manuscript Voyager
Gaussian Primes
Tree of Life
Rakie & Jake
Animated Bézier Curves
Animated Trigonometry
Apollonian Gasket
Arnold’s Cat Map
Bifurcations in the Logistic Map
Sorting Visualisations
Complete Graphs
Diffusion-limited aggregation
Leibniz Spiral
Morley Triangle
Poincaré Disc
Proof of Pythagoras’ Theorem
From Random Polygon to Ellipse
Self-Organising Maps
Fibonacci Numbers
Upside-Down Text
American Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq